OPERAS: Scholarly Communication at the Heart of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Pierre Mounier, OPERAS Coordinator (Community), OpenEdition Associate Director, DOAB Co-Director
  • Maciej Maryl, Institute of the Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
  • Suzanne Dumouchel, French National Centre for Scientific Research, TGIR Huma-Num
  • Krešimir Zauder, Department of Information Sciences of the University of Zadar

Scholarly communication is often considered as an adjunct by-product of research, coming at the end of the research activity and often delegated to commercial publishing service providers. OPERAS, the European infrastructure for open scholarly communication in the humanities and the social sciences, concentrates its efforts on the contrary, to integrate scholarly communication at the very heart and in every stage of the research lifecycle. This integrated approach is based on an analysis of the literature available on the subject (first presentation) and by a survey of researchers’ needs (second presentation), the infrastructure has achieved recently, as part of its OPERAS-P EC funded project. In parallel, OPERAS develops several services to put those principles into practice. The project TRIPLE in particular (third presentation), is developing a discovery platform for researchers in SSH that supports by adapting as much as possible with the way they do research.