Ksenija Švenda-Radeljak

Ksenija Švenda-Radeljak

Ksenija Švenda-Radeljak was born on 09th of January. 1965 in Zagreb, where she graduated at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Department of Social Work. From 1986-1994 she works at Zagreb City Libraries, and in 1994 she was employed as a librarian in the Library of the Department of Social Work - Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

She received her master’s degree in 2005th with the topic “Organization of thesaurus for the scientific field: Social Services - branch of Social Policy”. The abbreviated and adapted master’s thesis was converted as online manual.

In 2012, she achieved the academic degree Ph.D. of information sciences. The title of doctoral thesis was: “Education and the status of librarians in Croatia until the introduction of librarianship studies” at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Information and Communication Sciences.

A revised and supplemented doctorate was published as a book in 1917.

Subjects of her scientific interests are: scientific publishing, women’s contributions to the Croatian librarianship, professional education of librarians, education of users in the field of information literacy.

In 2018, she was elected to the professional title of librarian adviser.