The PubSweet Framework in Journal Publishing

PubSweet is a free, open source framework for building state-of-the-art publishing platforms. PubSweet enables you to build a publishing platform tailored to your own needs - it is designed to be modular and flexible. PubSweet is being used for book publishing, academic journal production, and micropublication platforms by a growing number of established academic organizations including the University of California Press, eLife, Hindawi, California Digital Library, Wormbase, and others.

Each of these organizations is building their custom platform using PubSweet, and contributing reusable open source components back to the community. By drawing on this growing library of components, PubSweet can be used to rapidly create custom publishing systems. If the existing components do not completely meet your needs, you can focus development on building new components to provide just the new functionality required.

Today most of the existing publishing systems are “big box”, expensive, monolithic, proprietary, and slow-moving platforms built years ago when the world of publishing was different. They have not evolved at the same rate as users' needs and are largely just data stores. As these platforms cannot change readily, inevitably the reverse happens and you must change your organization to meet the prescriptive worldview of the software. The PubSweet framework and its community present an alternative: software that works for you and not the other way around.

  • Jure TriglavJure TriglavCollaborative Knowledge Foundation

    Jure is the lead developer at the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, where he develops the PubSweet framework and supports its community. More →