Open Research Data in the Croatian National Infrastructure DABAR

Research data sharing in order to enable its reuse and make the research more transparent is not only increasingly demanded by funders, but is one of the main principles of open science. It increases the quality and efficiency of the research and improves utilization of research results. Since the end of 2018 the Croatian national infrastructure for digital repositories Digital Academic Archives and Repositories (DABAR) offers the technical solution for research data storing and sharing.

The topics of the workshop will be:

  • the importance of the research data sharing
  • how to manage research data and which are the key elements of the Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • what are FAIR data principles
  • how can Research Data Alliance (RDA) help researchers and professionals who work with the data
  • demonstration of the research data depositing and publishing using the Croatian national infrastructure DABAR.
  • Alen VodopijevecAlen VodopijevecRuđer Bošković Institute

    MSc Alen Vodopijevec obtained his diploma in 2003 at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, and currently is… More →

  • Draženko CeljakDraženko CeljakUniversity Computing Centre

    MSc Draženko Celjak is the head of data services at SRCE – University of Zagreb University Computing Centre. He coordinates and leads the… More →

  • Ljiljana Jertec MusapLjiljana Jertec MusapSRCE – University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb

    MSc Ljiljana Jertec is a librarian and computer specialist at SRCE – University of Zagreb University Computing Centre. She has a Master’s… More →

  • Marijana GlavicaMarijana GlavicaUniversity of Zagreb

    MSc Marijana Glavica works as a systems librarian at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Library, where she… More →