The Current Role of the Global Scientometric Databases in the Academic Journal Policy and Publishing (and the Role of Professional Editing Organizations in Their Preparation and Promoting)

The current time the evaluation of research results according to the scientometric data of Scopus and WoS databases plays the essential role on the academic/scholarly publishing and aspirations of publishers to develop and promote their journals to these databases and through them – to international space. Before the time when this process was started ten years ago the internal publishing and policy standards were maintained in Russia and other CIS countries. The last decade has changed the situation extremely. Most publishers did not know before the criteria and demands of databases and international publishing standards for journals and other publications. The new time forced to look at the publishing process from the new side. Working during the decade as Scopus expert the author compares the time before and now in Russia and abroad and can say what criteria for Russian and other journals were new, how the publishing standards changed due to the new demands, what changes did scientometric bring to the academic publishing sphere. The comparison of the situation in different countries also is presented in the report. In this regard, the role of the professional editorial organization is also considered. The problems of transformation the subscribe publishing business models to open access are also considered.

  • Olga KirillovaOlga KirillovaAssociation of Science Editors and Publishers (ASEP), Moscow, Russia

    Olga V. Kirillova, Candidate of Science (Engineering, 2004), the President of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ASEP, since… More →