Hrčak and the Scientific and Professional Journals of the Catholic Faculty of Theology University of Zagreb

The development of science has inspired the emergence of scientific journals as the fundamental means of scientific communication and the transfer of scientific information. Until the 1990s, the printed version of the journal was the sole form of publishing, and as such, offered a stable means of sharing scientific information. But the development of digital technologies has bought with it many changes. It has accelerated communication and knowledge sharing amongst scientists, and thanks to the open approach, the digital version of the scientific article has become easily accessible to all interested parties around the world. The Portal of Croatian scientific and professional journals has played a key role in promoting open access and raising the quality of scientific communication within the Croatian academic community. The Portal succeeds in reconciling tradition and modern technology. Among the numerous journals are the Bogoslovska smotra philosophical theological journal and the journal of sacred music of Sveta Cecilija, both possess centuries-old traditions. The portal has a significant role in the inclusion of digital content of the journal Croatica Christiana Periodica and the Bogoslovska smotra in the international scientific databases (Scopus, Wos and Atla).

  • Vlatka BožičevićVlatka BožičevićUniversity of Zagreb

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