Asst Prof Krešimir Zauder

University of Zadar
Krešimir Zauder

Krešimir Zauder was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1980. He graduated Information science and English language and literature in 2006. In 2014 he got his PhD in Information science and specialised in scientometrics. Krešimir has worked in National and University Library in Zagreb and Institute for social research in Zagreb as a research assistant mainly working on a project investigating Croatian scientific output through bibliometrics and related methods. During the course of his scientific career he became interested in datapreparation and analysis and related methods and technology most notably including complex network analysis and agent based simulation as well as programming (especially data related) and databases. With time, his technical and managerial skills grew to include the whole process of data management and he got more interested in data driven science as a generic phenomenon. He is currently employed as an assistant professor at the Department of information science, University of Zadar where he mostly teaches programming (Python), statistics (R), databases (PostgreSQL) and data management. When not teaching he is working on a multidisciplinary methodology for scientific publication studies that connect classical bibliometrics with full text analysis (citation context and terminology extraction) and multi-level multi-mode complex network analysis. Given his background in science studies and experience with related datasets and technology, Krešimir fits well within the scope of the project.