Janice Lau, University College Dublin

Janice Lau is a recent graduate from the MSc in Social Data Analytics at University College Dublin (UCD). With her background in Psychology, she has sought to conduct research in the area of conformity and norms. Previously working as an EU Research Intern for ADAPT – a digital content centre in Trinity College Dublin, she gained exposure to the field of STEM and the complexities that lie within research, including the pressing issue of underrepresented groups, such as females, in STEM. Currently, Janice is involved in an SFI-funded project on the peer review process in grant funding, focusing on the evolution of gender balance across a 10-year timeframe in STEM-related disciplines, with this study focusing on research that has an Irish affiliation. Aside from exploring the evolution of gender balance over a 10-year timeframe, she seeks to further understand the methodological difficulties and barriers faced by researchers aiming to examine gender balance.

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