Kianoush Khosravi-Darani (Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences)

Kianoush Khosravi-Darani is a professor of food biotechnology in Sh. Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. She has a PhD (2004) in Chemical Engineering-Biotechnology in addition to MSc (1999) and BSc in Microbiology. She was awarded a scholarship of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran to finalize a research program in Japan, 2003-2004..

Prof. Khosravi-Darani has conducted 35 research projects since 2004. She is a vice president of Iran Nanotechnology Society, whose research interests include food biotechnology and application of nanotechnology in food science. She has 156 peer review papers and 116 papers presented in congresses and seminars. Besides the role of a supervisor and/or co-supervisor of MSc (36) and PhD (10) theses, she has written 6 book and 7 invited book chapters.

Her awards include 6 cases as outstanding PhD student, young researcher at the Ministry of Health of Iran, assistant and associate professor at Sh. Beheshti University of Medical Science. She has 3 national patents and has held some national and international congresses and seminars as chairman (6) or as member of scientific committee (10). She is a member of editorial board of the national (2) and international journals (8) and therefore interested in improving the journal of which she is the editor-in- chief, Applied Food Biotechnolgy

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