A funded project-based approach to Open Access implementation

With the European Commission’s Open Access policy as a mainstay, funder-driven policies have been setting the framework for Open Access implementation for quite some time now. However, while a funded project-based approach to the implementation of such policies is commonplace at European level nowadays, especially by the OpenAIRE project, this is far from being the norm at national level. Using the very advanced funder-driven Open Access policy landscape in the UK as a case study, the presentation will show how an optimal funded project-based approach to Open Access implementation might work in other policy environments. It will be argued that the lessons learnt in the course of the PASTEUR4OA project for identifying opportunities for Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Union Research reach beyond the issuing of such policies and should also be applied at policy implementation level.



SEPTEMBER 21, 2017
Location: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Date: September 21, 2017 Time: 3:15 pm - 3:35 pm Pablo de Castro