Contribution of open research data to business value of organizations

Research organisations in the world and in Croatia face the dilemma of achieving optimal or satisfactory goals with the existing resources, activities and constraints. New trends eg. open science, open access, open research data, competitiveness in this area, increasing financial constraints, place research organisations under pressure to establish measures and improve performance as well as to achieve greater “business value”.

There are different methods and models in the business environment for monitoring and measuring “business value”. Previous research has shown that research
organisations can use the Information System Success Model by Delone and Mclean for this purpose.

This paper defines how and at what levels open research data give “business value” to research organisations. Key elements in the field of open science and open research data are also identified for determining “business value” based on Information System Success Model.

Poster session
Location: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Date: Time: - Neven Pintarić