Milena Žic Fuchs

Milena Žic Fuchs is Chair of Linguistics in the English Department of the University of Zagreb. She is also a former Minister of Science and Technology in Croatia and a full member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. She has been the Chair of the Standing Committee for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation from 1 January 2009. Her main research interests are semantics, discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics and the influence of communication technologies on language. She was the first scholar to introduce cognitive linguistics into Croatian linguistic circles, with her book entitled Knowledge of Language and Knowledge of the World (1991), which is one of the most quoted books in Croatian linguistics. Apart from taking part in evaluation panels within the ESF, Milena Žic Fuchs has also been a member of evaluation panels for COST and is at present a member of an ERC panel for Advanced Researcher Grants.

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