Call for sponsors

There are several levels of sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming PUBMET2015: SCHOLARLY PUBLISHING IN THE CONTEXT OF OPEN SCIENCE, to be held 24-25 September 2015 in Zadar, Croatia. PubMet2015 is organised by the University of Zadar, Department of Information Sciences, in partnership with the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb. Supporting PUBMET2015 conference sponsors will demonstrate their engagement with the research and development in the area of scholarly publishing.

In the focus of the conference is scholarly communication (and Publishing as the most visible channel) and Metrics and assessment. This year’s conference topics are mostly focused around the new trends in publishing of scholarly journals and books, new formats of digital publishing, innovations in the peer review processes, the relationship between traditional and new metrics, the new models and approaches to the assessment of both researchers and academic institutions — bearing in mind differences and specificities among research disciplines. Both themes will be represented by a combination of invited talks, presentations by registered speakers and a panel discussion conducted by acknowledged experts from Croatia and abroad.

Sponsorship provides a number of benefits. The annual PubMet2015 conference attracts domestic and international audience of about 80-120 people from universities and research institutions across Croatia and other countries. The conference will gather researchers, university teachers, publishers, editors, librarians/information specialists and experts from a vast array of scientific research. Participation in this conference is an opportunity to share and gain new knowledge and to exchange different opinions.

PubMet2015 offers sponsorship opportunities at three different levels: Gold (1000 € or more), Silver (between 600 €-990 €) and Bronze (between 200 €-590 €). Other forms of sponsoring are very welcome as well. The support of sponsor could take the form of, for example, Individual student sponsoring, a lump sum to the student scholarship fund, social events fund, PubMet2015 awards fund, a gift for one of the awards, conference T-shirt sponsoring, invited speakers expenses (flight and accommodation), lunches, the welcome reception, conference dinner, or items in the welcome pack for delegates (e.g. bag, badges, USB sticks, pad of paper and pen). Any other type of support you would find more appropriate to your promotional strategy would of course be very welcome.

There is a clear marketing opportunity in promoting sponsor to these people and all PubMet2015 attendees. Web links to sponsor will be put on the conference website, a formal acknowledgement of sponsorship will be made in the conference dissemination actions in the media, and in speeches at the conference opening, welcome reception, and conference dinner. Commensurate to the sponsorship level, other sponsoring benefits include a table in the main conference area with an internet connection, slot for a poster during the entire conference, complimentary full-conference registrations, items to be inserted in the individual conference bags given to participants, sponsor’s logo at the conference website and dissemination material, as well as on the program guide and proceedings (with ISBN). Sponsors can also take part in the conference program, giving academic lectures (covering this year topics), workshops, or just presenting sponsor’s products.

Benefits Gold (1000€ or more) Silver (between 600€ - 990€)Bronze (between 200€ - 590€)Supporter (up to 200€)
Number of complimentary registrations for company representative(s)21
Company logo on PUBMET2015 entrance bannersSize ASize BSize CSize D
Company logo in the Sponsors webpage of the PUBMET2015 website
Link from conference website to company website
Public thank-you at the opening ceremony, welcome reception, and conference dinner
Sponsor’s logo in PUBMET2015 program guide
Sponsor’s logo in PUBMET2015 proceedings
Exhibit tables (higher levels given proximity meeting rooms)
Inclusion of speaker (academic presentation) or workshop leader
Inclusion of leaflets and promotional material in delegates’ bags
Inclusion of a speaker (promotional presentation) in the opening addresses or conference program