ALLmetrics. Not Altmetrics

Citation counts have long been the standard measure of academic research usage and impact. Specifically, published articles in prominent journals citing other published articles in other prominent journals equates to prestige. There are many problems with this method, but two can be the most devastating. First, this methodology favors older research that has had time to be cited. Second, it encourages a “rich get richer” scenario where the more prestigious the researcher or institution, the more likely they will get cited by an article in a high impact journal, effectively blocking out early career researchers or researchers from less prestigious institutions. More and more European research universities are adopting methods to elevate their research outside of traditional citations. This session will involve higher education institutions that are using modern metrics (aka altmetrics) to uncover and tell the stories of their research output. These institutions will share their use cases for modern metrics. Some of the use cases for modern metrics include:

  • Knowing what is happening to research early in the research and publication cycle
  • Highlighting non-traditional research outputs
  • Understanding worldwide interactions

This session is intended for a wide range of attendees, including, individuals with little to no knowledge about altmetrics to attendees that are already using altmetrics. There will be time for questions.

Location: Lecture Hall Aula Magna Date: September 24, 2015 Time: 3:41 pm - 4:00 pm Jan Luprich