The new role of academic libraries in the changed circumstances: Effective and comprehensive support for researchers

Miro Pušnik (Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana, SI)

Abstract: Before the time of expansion of electronic – or more specific of the web – environment for the retrieving of information and for scientific communication in the ‘90s of the previous century, academic libraries were mainly focused on the provision of systems for the acquisition and management of information resources; thus on collections of library material.

The boost of information and new technological and communication options make it possible for academic libraries, and at the same time push them, to play a more active role in the facilitation of the research infrastructure. Except for the already mentioned traditional role in the acquisition and management of international scientific literature essential tasks of  academic libraries could also be:

–              Participation in research projects of methodological paradigms for the evaluation of research work, as well as in the implementation of the evaluation itself;

–              Library’s expert executive operations in those fields;

–              Establishing and managing repositories for the deposit, access to and preservation of open access publications and open research data;

–              Information support for researchers during the process of publishing scientific works and research data according to new, less known, license terms among all possible license terms of open access.

The objective of this paper is a presentation of the active cooperation of the Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana (CTK) in facilitating the research infrastructure in Slovenia. We intend to show some studies, in which experts from the CTK participated, library’s role in Slovenian research system as well as all other aspects of CTK’s participation to support research activities in Slovenia.

Short Biography: Miro Pušnik, born 1963, Director of the Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana (CTK). Graduated at the Biotechnical Faculty (University of Ljubljana), Department of Animal Science, in Ljubljana. Employed at the CTK since 1991 as information specialist, and from 2003 to 2009 as Director’s consultant for the development of new library services. In 2009 he became  Director of the CTK and holds currently this position. He is a member of the research group funded through the target research projects mechanism by the Slovenian Research Agency. The focus of the research group is the analysis of different systems for the evaluation of the research work.

(Inter)national Evaluation Practices Metrics and Assessment
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