Opportunities and challenges in metrics for research assessment: the emergence of Altmetrics

Rodrigo Costas (Leiden Univ, NL)

Abstract: This lecture discusses the ‘explosion’ of tracking tools that have accompanied the surge of web based information instruments. Nowadays it is possible to monitor in ‘real-time’ how new research findings are ‘read’, tweeted, shared in social media (e.g. Facebook, Google+), or how they are mentioned in blogs or magazines and newspapers. Perhaps, one of the most important questions regarding altmetrics is what is the real usefulness tools for research and research evaluation? Do they have the potential to be incorporated in university-wide or even national systems of impact measurements? And what are the potential risks and disadvantages of these new tracking tools and metrics based on them? Basically, in what sense do they have the ability to deliver meaningful indicators of alternative impact? This lecture will discuss some of these questions, offering a critical but constructive view on these new tools and metrics.


Short BiographyRodrigo Costas is an experienced researcher in the field of information science and bibliometrics. With a PhD in Library and Information Science obtained at the CSIC in Spain, Rodrigo has been working at CWTS (Leiden University, the Netherlands) since 2009. His lines of research cover a broad scope of topics, including the development of new bibliometric tools and indicators as well as tools for the study of research activities based on quantitative data, having a particular focus on the analysis of individual scholars through bibliometric methodologies. Rodrigo has recently started some novel research lines at CWTS including the study of ‘altmetrics’ and the possibilities of funding acknowledgments in order to expand the analytical possibilities of scientometrics. At CWTS Rodrigo also coordinates several projects for different scientific organizations worldwide.

Metrics and Assessment New Ways to Measure the Scholarly Impact
Location: Old Campus Date: September 19, 2014 Time: 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Rodrigo Costas Rodrigo Costas