Online promises beyond the policies: What’s under the skin?

Nicolaie Constantinescu (Kosson Initiative, RO)

Abstract: At this moment we benefit from a solid acknowledgement of the “Open” as a global paradigm and Open Access as a drive for the research agenda in the European Union. Policies are there to be followed on a national or local level. Dedicated people are to be found if you look in the libraries, in the university’s research environments, in the European Commission, and learned societies. There is yet to find a type of glue that will deliver the integral perspective of the scientific achievements. There is a general crave for a “something” capable of delivering the whole context. There is a need to complete the giant in order to stand on its shoulders. The context is the giant, data are its cells, it is ICT driven and yet its anima is not yet discovered completely. We will explore the obvious and put under scrutiny some of the realities in search of the ways to complete the foundation.

Short Biography: Nicolaie Constantinescu is an Information Architect working for Kosson Initiative, a community of information science specialist from Romania and the Balkans. He is the manager of a small enterprise specialized in ICT and a passionate for Open Access fulfilled by Open Licensing transposed in reality by Open and Free Software. He has an experience of over ten years with projects designed to manage and structure information and he has been part of many software localization projects.
Experience with software, programming and user experience design allows him to get a complete view with regards to needs for data and information delivery systems for the memory institutions sector and also for community building requirements in different project driven occasions.

Open Scholarship Scholarly Communication and Publishing
Location: New Campus Date: September 18, 2014 Time: 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm Nicolaie Constantinescu Nicolaie Constantinescu